Nokia 106

Nokia 106 | Manual and user guide in PDFNokia 106. Need power? No problem. With a full charge, the 106 gives you up to 35 days of standby time. Stand out with colorful covers of the Nokia 106. Available in bright red, white and black. 

Download the Manual and User Guide of Nokia 106

Life is not meant to be black and white , add a touch of color. Interchangeable covers bright and vibrant 1.8 ” color of the Nokia 106 it apart from other phones, so you can talk and some messaging style.

Stop planning your life around the outlet. Give the 106 full charge and can go for a month without recharging , thanks to the incredible timeout to 35 days.

With the new keyboard dustproof and water, this device is ready to cope with whatever life throws at you. And the characters of the keys do not lose their color, no matter how long you use them.

This smartphone comes between us and a hit of nostalgia brings to mind when phones were not touch screens when having a game installed was a privilege and when politonos it sounded like symphony orchestras enclosed in the compact space of a device formatted type bar.

This Nokia 106 takes us back to those days , and he does respect the essence of those devices.

Download Manual And User Guide of 106

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