Nokia 1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia 1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia 1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nokia 1. For those who only have a hole in their pocket and want to spend just enough on their new smartphone … the Nokia 1 offers a very careful design, a mid-range interior and the guarantee of a great manufacturer.

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Do not think that because you belong to the mid-range you will have a lower quality mobile experience. Not much less. The difference between this smartphone and another one of greater range like the Nokia 7 or, to mention another brand, the Huawei P10 is that we will save some tickets when buying it and that we will have less options when it comes to capturing images or enjoying multimedia content.

Without going any further, the cameras have a resolution of 5 MP for the rear and 2 MP for the front. More than enough for selfies and video calls to forget about high definition and complex camera applications with thousands of options.

Inside we came across what we believe is the worst of the characteristics: the 8 GB of internal memory. Soon we will be short but we have microSD expansion to 128 GB and Android Oreo 8.1 Go that does not have the odious applications predefined. Clean ova system. The performance of its quad-core processor, Mediatek MT6737, is more than enough to navigate and move through the system smoothly.

Navigation is one of its strengths since it has compatibility with 4G networks and has a double Sim slot to use two numbers simultaneously.

The smartphone looks for the comfort of the user so its screen can not be very big. The 4.5 “IPS panel is more than enough to browse and watch videos in a decent quality.

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