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Nikon Keymission 360. When we talk about action cameras or sports always comes to mind a name: GoPro.

But in the market there are multitude of models that are able to equal or even surpass in benefits to the queen of queens.

In this case we are facing a camera that exceeds the limits of the GoPro (except the Omni) because it allows us to record video in 360 with a single device.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Nikon Keymission 360

It is clear that the quality and guarantee of the Nikon brand are more than contrasted by years and years of experience in the sector. So we just have to enjoy and let our imagination fly.

The 360 ​​is part of a series of sports cameras called Keymission which is composed of three models: the 80, the 170 and the protagonist of this article. This is the “biggest” of all and offers many possibilities.

To start the design is quite innovative and away from the typical market. Very light to be able to fit in any accessory and allows us to record video in 4K UHD dynamic quality.

Neither will the mosquitoes escape their target. For any adventure to be welcomed, it is resistant to dust, bumps, water and submersible up to 30 meters. An all-rounder.

We can connect it to our smartphones using the free SnapBrige 360/170 app for Android and iOS. Program especially for the camera, we can control with Bluetooth any function of the camera for the most spectacular results.

The price is within the average of this type of cameras and the resolution of its objectives is of 21.14 MP. Apart from the Bluetooth connection, it also has NFC and WiFi.

The other devices in the series are the Keymission 170, more similar to the GoPro of all life; And the Keymission 80, more economical but with lower performance.

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