Nikon DL24-85 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nikon DL24-85 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nikon DL24-85 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nikon DL24-85. This camera is one of the three that are part of the “DL” range of Nikon and that are equipped with the sensor CX of 1. We promise professional results in a light and compact body.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Nikon DL24-85

Seeing it for the first time, its appearance, could lead us to the error of thinking that we are before a compact camera with few possibilities. In short, we begin to shoot and to see the results obtained we will realize our error. Not only has a lightweight and compact body but it fits very well to our hand thanks to the specific support for the thumb. Really comfortable and very portable.

The design includes a high-definition OLED touch screen that can be folded down to capture any object comfortably. It also has a ring for zooming while recording and another ring to switch between the different modes.

It is more than ready to provide a total multimedia experience thanks to 4K resolution. We will record videos with a maximum resolution of 2016p at 25 or 30 frames per second. Of course, we can also record in Full HD quality at 1080p in several ratios to choose.

The worst news of this camera is that Nikon cancels its release to the market so uploading a user manual would not make much sense. Obviously, we have not found it. Even so, a user asked us to do a search because he was interested in the range. We assume that you have already decided on another camera if it is available.

A dream for many Nikon lovers who will have to settle for the wonderful Nikon 1 or “Nikon D” that have always been good results.

Download Manual and User Guide of DL24-85: (Canceled)

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