Nikon D810A

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Nikon D810A. Capture spectacular images of the cosmos in high resolution. Designed exclusively for astrophotography, the D810A captures incredible 36.3 megapixel images of nebulae, which emit at the hydrogen-alpha wavelength.

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Electronic front curtain shutter. Activate the electronic front curtain shutter to minimize internal vibration during exposure and reduce the risk of blurred microdots appearing even in the most subtle details.

Unlimited continuous shooting. It produces a perfect photograph to capture the journey of the stars. Shoot in continuous shooting mode with a shutter speed of 4 seconds or less, and you can record as many high quality JPEG or NEF images as your media cards and battery life permit.

FX format astrophotography and high resolution. Capture the nebulae emitting in the hydrogen-alpha spectral line (about 656 nm) with incredible clarity.

51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX AF system: with precision adjustment for ultra-high resolution images. Configurable with coverage settings of 9, 21 and 51 points and with sensitivity up to -2 EV (ISO 100, 20 ° C).

System benefits include group zone AF, extended “Storage by Orientation” and AF mode restriction options.

The fifteen central cross-section sensors are compatible with NIKKOR AF lenses that have an open aperture of f / 5.6 or faster, and the 11 center focus points operate with an open f / 8 aperture.

Color Adjustment Screen: Adjust color balance and brightness in any direction to fit your personal workflow preferences. The 8 cm (3.2 inches) and 1 229 000 RGBW points anti-reflective LCD display also provides automatic brightness control.

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