Nikon D5600 manual


Nikon D5600. A design exactly like its predecessor, the D5500, and features that offer little news, the D5600 is a small advance in connectivity for the series.

Nikon D5600 Manual And User Guide PDF
Nikon D5600 Manual And User Guide PDF

The camera has a compact design and very comfortable for our hands. If you have ever seen the D5500 you can get an idea of ​​how it is since they are exactly the same.

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We can differentiate them by the mythical insert in the upper left corner that indicates the model.

And not only does it look like it’s on the outside, its objective is exactly the same with a sensor of 24, .2 MP and DX format and its AF point system of 39 points.

If it worked wonderfully so that they will change it.

The improved touch screen of 3.2 “that allows us to enjoy a light weight without forgetting that we are before joining D-SLR, so small is not.

Time Lapse easily with impressive results

This camera belongs to the entry level and although it has a multitude of buttons and settings, they are not enough to overwhelm us.

As long as we have previous experience with these cameras. At the beginning we can use the scene wheel automatically and gradually try different modes A, P, S and M.

As we discussed the beginning of the entry, the D5600 has improvements in connectivity with other devices.

The SnapBridge technology is responsible for being able to communicate quickly and easily with our Android and iOS smartphones.

When activating the connection, each capture sends a version of low resolution to the device to be able to share it with whomever we want.

The screen is collapsible to improve the results from uncomfortable angles and we can zoom while capturing videos in Full HD just by touching it.

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