Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nikon D5500. If you think you’ve seen the best photos in a SLR camera … you’re very wrong. The slimline D5500 offers a lightness and power rarely seen in a professional camera and a freedom that will make you feel imprisoned.

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To start with the features that surprised us from the first moment, it is the flip touch screen that provides a great set free when capture any image. Being used to our smartphones, use the D5500 will be a breeze. The handle is quite deep which gives us a much firmer and comfortable grip.

If ever you wondered if you get a perfect focus is is the answer. With autofocus system is nothing more and nothing less than 39 points the focus will always remain balanced even small objects to become crisp videos wildly. For something this system is a leader in its category.

The camera has integrated Wi-Fi and can connect directly to your smartphone or tablet to easily share stunning photos or use as a trigger.

The images in low light also no longer a problem, like capturing photos in motion. Your images have never looked better. A quality that will inspire your best catches.

We can also record video in Full HD (high definition) with the maximum number of details at a rate of 60p. The auto focus allows us to follow each of the subjects maintaining a sharp focus even if the action is developed at a faster speed than normal.

Needless to mention the wide range of objectives that has the mark. Prime lenses for background images with different finishing effects and a palpable beauty, telephoto lenses for distant subjects or capture wide-angle lens to capture the immensity of a sunset without losing any detail.

You can not leave here without downloading and sharing the manual of this real gem. Become an expert in professional photography.

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