Nikon D5000 Manual

Nikon D5000. The D5000 has long since reached the market but still has many followers.

Nikon D5000 Manual And User Guide PDF

In fact, the passage of time has made its price fall but not the quality it offers, although it is only possible to get it second-hand.

Smartphones have occupied our time practically all last year but in 2018 we will upload manuals of all types of devices.

This time it’s the SLR Nikon D5000 camera that offers us high definition, power and versatility in equal parts.

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Among its virtues we can highlight its multi-angle LCD screen with a size of 2.7 “and a coverage of almost 100% of the frame.

It is foldable to capture the most difficult objectives with comfort and its 170º angle of view allow visualizing the results To perfection, the screen supports the reproduction of videos and images to make sure that the result obtained is the desired one.

To this day his ability to record movie clips is a bit short. It is true that it records in high definition but only at a quality of 720p. This is a handicap but the worst part is the autofocus that is not able to adjust when we record videos.

Its sensor has a resolution of 12.3 MP so you will not have any problem in capturing very good quality and very detailed images.

It is still a quality DSLR but we can currently find DSLR cameras with better performance and value for money without leaving the Canon brand.

In the image processor we realize the time it has been in the market. The EXPEED processor offers a clean and fast system with 19 scene modes and a range of more than 500 captures.

Obviously, little has to be done with cameras like the Nikon D5300 that feature the EXPEED 5, much more modern and powerful.

Still, here you have your user manual in case you do with a jewels of the past.

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