Nikon D5

Nikon D5 Manual And User Guide PDF
Nikon D5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nikon D5. There is a basic rule about cameras that is usually complicated most of the time. Your looking for a SLR camera, the smaller the name is … the higher the price. The D5 is a marvel of the image but designed for true professionals.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Nikon D5

The Japanese brand launched in 2016 the latest model of the Nikon D series that exudes quality on all four sides. Some time ago we uploaded the manuals of its predecessors, the Nikon D4 and the Nikon D4S, which in an update of the latter improving some aspects.

The virtues to which we must pay more attention are summarized in: the FX format CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.8 megapixels, the capture of videos in 4K quality and improved focus system.

The video that will leave you open-mouthed

The EXPEED 5 processor makes the main engine and controls the rest of the features to offer us 4K video recording at 30 images per second superb.

On our website you can take a look at the Nikon D500 which is also compatible with the recording in this format, making it clear that in the world of DSLR cameras it is indispensable.

The same processor that manages 4K videos, is the one that allows us to collect up to 12 images per second when firing its powerful CMOS sensor.

You can get a sensitivity higher than 3 million ISO something that simply leaves us stunned and that can be worth to make you an idea of ​​the images it captures.

To put some more hits, apart from the price, the lords of Nikon have forgotten to provide the D5 with Wi-Fi connection. Something that we believe more than necessary today although it is not absolutely essential.

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