Nikon Coolpix A300

Nikon Coolpix A300 Manual And User Guide PDF

Nikon Coolpix A300. This Coolpix is practically a clone of the model A100. Both the exterior design and the benefits that we find inside.

The casing is impossible to differentiate with the naked eye and its dimensions are practically the same.

It only differentiates them 1 mm in the width that makes the A300 smaller. The rest is very similar and to find differences we will have to switch to benefits.

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Neither are many, nor are the differences between the two chambers very large. The most outstanding are in the image stabilization that in the A300 is not digital which means more sharpness in the final result; And in the zoom that in this case we have an optical zoom of 8x instead of 5x.

The angle of capture is also higher but goes from 25 to 26 mm. So almost insignificant.

The negative aspects are that the A100 has a higher aperture (f / 3.7) and a higher shutter speed greater (1 / 1200s). Nor are they noticeable differences. Except for the price, this rises by 30% on the A300 which really does not seem to be worth it.

The LCD screen is the same size, its dimensions are perfect to travel with it and its range of effects and filters allow us to give a personal touch to the images. Enough for many users but scarce for those looking for something more powerful.

As a conclusion, a compact camera with good performance that allows us to record videos in HD at 720p but does not add enough news or improvements for the price increase it takes.

The Coolpix A100 is an equally valid option and we will not have to shell out that extra amount.

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