MySQL Manual and user guide in PDF
MySQL Manual and user guide in PDF

MySQL is one of the database management systems of most popular market data. This tutorial is a DBMS based on the relational model with dual GPL and proprietary developed by MySQLAB.

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The database management system relational , multithreading and multi-user database with more than six million – instalaciones.1 MySQL AB since January 2008, a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems and this turn of Oracle Corporation since April 2009 – the free software developed as a dual licensing scheme .

This system for managing databases is widely used in web applications like Drupal or phpBB, platform (Linux / Windows -Apache -MySQL -PHP / Perl / Python ) , and bug tracking tools like Bugzilla. Its popularity as a web application is closely related to PHP, which often appears in conjunction with My SQL .

Is a base of very fast data reading when using non-transactional MyISAM engine , but it can cause integrity problems in high concurrency environments in the modification . In web applications, there are low turnout in the modification of data and change the setting is reading data intensive , which makes it ideal for such applications . Whatever the setting where you will be using MySQL, it is important to monitor the performance beforehand to detect and correct errors of both SQL as programming .

What differentiates this other manager are the following qualities:

  1. Allows you to choose between multiple storage engines for each table. In version 5.0 these should be added at compile time, from 5.1 can be added dynamically at run time: The natives there as MyISAM, Falcon, Merge, InnoDB, BDB, Memory / Heap, MySQL Cluster, Federated, Archive , CSV, Blackhole and Example; Developed by partners as solidDB, NitroEDB, ScaleDB, TokuDB, Infobright (formerly Brighthouse) Kickfire, XtraDB, IBM DB2). InnoDB He was well developed but now belongs to Oracle; and developed by the community as memcache, httpd, PBXT and Revision.
  2. Transaction grouping, gathering multiple transactions from multiple connections to increase the number of transactions per second.

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