Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 Manual And User Guide PDF

Motorola Moto 360. Classic design, quality on all four sides and intelligent voice control.

With a classic design that most wearables market, the Moto 360 comes to make our life easier and more fun.

The circular design lifetime makes it appear that we do not carry a smartwatch as their size is similar to the current clocks.

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The Moto 360 is also very comfortable and allows us to take all the information we want to reach.

With just keep an eye on the screen of our watch we will have all the information we need. From our location, information on weather, alert flights have earrings, traffic conditions, etc …

Depending on what we are doing or are going to do the Moto 360 will give us useful information so that we are always connected and updated.

Its design is not only classic and beautiful but your body gives off strength and stainless steel gives it superb protection.

It also features the famous Corning Gorilla Glass technology in the design of its glass to avoid scratches we daily user and give a point of protection. Which you need because soon we will want to carry it everywhere.

The Motorola wearables responds to our voice efficiently and makes everyday tasks easier way.

To carry on your Android interior, we need only say the keywords “OK Google” to set an alarm, send messages or view the weather information anywhere.

We can also control our daily activity with your heart application that will take us daily and weekly measures so that we have an exhaustive control of our body.

And so you never have to leave home, the Moto 360 is recharged while you sleep on your wireless base acting as a desktop clock and alarm clock. 360 mAh battery provides power for all day.

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