Motorola Droid Turbo 2 manual and user guide

Motorola Droid Turbo Manual And User Guide PDF

Motorola Droid Turbo 2. If the first was wonderful…. the second is not even needed to say it.

What has surprised me and did not even know existed (forgive my ignorance) is that the screen is anti Droid Turbo 2 break. But really anti breakage.

It is the first screen of the world to include technology that prevents the screen shattered or classical web is made.

I think I have not had a smartphone that has not finished with the broken screen greater or lesser extent. Motorola well. Ah! and it is also waterproof and dust.

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The camera is like that of its predecessor: 21 megapixels to take any image that passes through our eyes and we want to keep forever with the best quality and maximum detail.

Has a very fast shutter, LED flash and color balance to adjust to our taste and get the desired results. The front camera is 5 MP and includes a wide angle for taking selfies as one breaks an egg (albeit with better final).

The best of Motorola mobile devices … improved!

With this smartphone application and Moto Loop you will stay connected at all hours of the easiest way with the family.

You can control the children, receive alerts, and send messages from the app. Even if you enjoy a smart home will allow you to turn on the lights or heating Based on the people there.

The processor is more powerful than the Droid Turbo “one”. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 puts at our disposal 2.0 GHz 8-core for applications and games fly on our smartphone.

You never have problem with background applications and the whole system will move smooth and controlled manner and with a very tight energy efficiency that will make our Droid may be operating up to 48 with 3.760 mAh battery.

The moto phone has Android Lollipop, upgradeable to Nougat 7.0

The device includes a rapid charging system that gives a battery life of 13 hours with a load of 15 minutes.

And you can expand your memory via microSD up to 2 TB. Like the first model Droid Turbo.

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