Microsoft Surface PRO 3

 Microsoft Surface PRO 3 Manual And User Guide PDF

 Microsoft Surface PRO 3. Great performance under the system that everyone knows.

If you are someone who is not satisfied with the actual utility of a tablet you should take a look at this hybrid of Microsoft.

Already it has two series and several versions but it is clear that the range in question takes the top spot.

Download the Manual and User Guide of  Microsoft Surface PRO 3

The PRO 3 offers you the convenience of a tablet technical characteristics that will not miss any other laptop. The device features a 12-inch screen and weighs less than 800 grams gives us an improper versatility of tablet and notebook portability improper.

A thin magnesium composite design and a beautiful premium own equipment complete the offer to which you can add your stylus to draw naturally and enjoy the Microsoft digital writing experience.

Being a Microsoft device is clear that the operating system will dominate the Windows computer, exactly in version 10, which is taking very, very good numbers the company and will soon be established as the new stable version.

There are old programs and hardware compatibility discover minor faults but generally speaking, is a sublime version.

Having Windows we can enjoy the Office Suite seamlessly to work as another device does not allow us. The powerful Intel processor generation cuarte offers only surpassed by the PRO version 4 performance.

Being touch, we can write on the screen freely, with or without pencil. With the new Navigator Edge we can highlight and create notes directly on web pages and share information in a few seconds.

The team also includes Cortana, Microsoft’s new assistant will help us in many tasks. Leisure also be a past as support has a multitude of positions, Full HD and USB 3.0.

The only equipment failure is the lack of HDMI. Microsoft insists on installing the Mini DisplayPort to connect to external peripherals.

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