Mi Band Pulse

Mi Band Pulse Manual And User Guide PDF
Mi Band Pulse Manual And User Guide PDF

Mi Band Pulse. Simple and with a small size, this sports bracelet is able to provide us with a torrent of information to be aware of our health and daily activity.

Download Manual and User Guide of Mi Band Pulse

Although the Xiami Mi Band 2 seems to us a bracelet quite economical and with a spectacular price, before the first version came to market: Mi Band Pulse. This guarantees us great functionality with an even lower price and with a reduced design and very elegant.

The Band Pulse has most of the functions required for a sports wristband: Sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, notifications of our smartphone and registration of steps to newspapers. To this we add some secondary Bluetooth functions and we can deduce that we are before a pretty decent wearable.

The design is quite discreet and looks more like an adornment bracelet than a device with top tencology. In sleep monitor detects when we fall asleep and when we wake up and gives us accurate data about our quality and quantity of sleep. The count of steps allows us to know what kind of life we ​​lead (active, active, sedentary media) and to be able to put a definitive solution.

It also allows us to unlock the device without using a password and will notify us when they call us or write us a message. To protect it from external agents and ourselves it is constructed of aluminum and has IP67 against water and dust. When not possessing a screen its battery extends of supernatural form. It is also a drawback because it is not able to communicate much with vibrations.

The final note is quite good because its price in very low and can convince those who are not clear if these bracelets has any utility. The Mi Band 2 is another very good option for just a little more and is the one we currently use several of the team.


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