LG Optimus L4 Manual and user guide in PDF

LG Optimus L4 | Manual and user guide in PDF

L4 The LG Optimus is a smartphone that has a very modern and avant-garde . His line has been renovated many of the other terminals of the same range. However, the benefits of this mobile phone does not stop there, because the interior is also attractive and competitive really provide an almost perfect balance between the quality offered and the price it costs.

Specifications of LG Optimus L4

If we go a little further, we can see that the screen of this device has dimensions of 3.8 inches ideals. But not only that it incorporates a 1 GHz processor yields that accompanies nothing more and nothing less than 512 MB ​​of RAM. A memory that seems enough to move with fluidity version 4.1 of the Android OS that is built into this LG . And all with a 1700 mAh battery allows us to ensure that we have full autonomy in times of need . Because LG thinks of everything and this smartphone is the proof.

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