LG Optimus G Pro lite Manual And User Guide PDF

LG Optimus G Pro lite Manual And User Guide PDF hawei uawei huweai hauwei huaway huaewi
LG Optimus G Pro lite Manual And User Guide PDF

LG Optimus G Pro lite. Today we add a new smartphone LG to the already wide range of the brand. The LG G Pro also has a “mini” version and for many user may be the one that best version according to your preferences.

Download the Manual and User Guide of LG Optimus G Pro lite

For us this Optimus is clearly one of the best options for high-end LG. Although the name Lite already know that means fewer benefits than the originanl release, lg g pro lite features do not come down enough to change range. It also has the option of dual SIM LG for those who need to have two operating numbers at once. The price of the LG G Pro lite is around 160 euros, making it a good candidate for cell renewal.

Its features do not stand at the top but do not join in darkness. For starters, a large IPS screen 5.5 “for us to enjoy our multimedia content with more vivid color and a magnificent definition. This makes the size is probably overkill for our taste but falls within the acceptable size.

The processor picks up a little from the screen. It is a MT6577 Dual Core 1GHz with nuclei that promises good performance but we should not subject to much stress. RAM will not go bad and 1 GB will be fluent enough to run most applications and games. The internal storage goes through the hair. Only 8 GB in which 40% take-jelly bean and preinstalled apps.

The camera compensates in part the lack of ROM memory. 8 MP sensor for the rear camera and 1.3 MP front. It’s not much but for selfies is more than enough. The battery raises the note with its 3,140 mAh combined with the low power processor will give us many hours of leisure and / or work.

In short, a smartphone that has its place in the market and less demanding to attract their attention.

Download Manual and User Guide of Optimus  G Pro lite /Dual : (Coming Soon)

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