LG Leon

LG Leon Manual And User Guide PDF
LG Leon Manual And User Guide PDF

LG Leon. A large high average range device that meets the expectations and has a modern and functional design. Discover why this model is the LG Leon.

LG is a smartphone manufacturers appears who want a device per thousand users.

There are already many devices that have passed through manuals and tutorials and I can assure that there are still many more.

Download Manual and User Guide of  LG Leon

Our craving for manual still has many outstanding but today we will focus on this “Lion”.

We started with a very comfortable size to use the smartphone with one hand and does not assume an uncomfortable lump in our pockets. The IPS Touch 4.5 “FWVGA screen resolution guarantees crisp, clear images.

In the design must also highlight the back button that allows us to access the system menus without having to change position our hands. Very comfortable and quite intuitive.

The camera is one of its weaknesses. The front is a simple VGA that soon we will if we show off our holiday selfies as will our face and little else.

The principal only has 5 MP what does a disservice to this smartphone. If LG had decided to climb up to 8MP things change enough and the price had not gone up too much.

The processor chosen to command the system is a Quad Core 1.2GHz works swimmingly with Android Lollipop 5.0. Energy consumption is quite low but the 1,900 mAh battery will not have an energy autonomy unusual. We will be with the average smartphone: once a day will touch charger.

Little more can comment on this device it is clear that? Captivate many users for its beautiful curves, innovative button and a fairly competent performance. The purists … look the other way. True?

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