LG L80

LG L80 Manual And User Guide PDF
LG L80 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG L80. Designed to never go out of fashion and high-end performance … the L80 is only for users who do not fear the unknown have very good appearance.

As mentioned, the flat lines and stylized design curves do not go out of fashion for many years. The generous 5-inch IPS screen offers excellent visual of movies, series and our favorite social networks.

Without forgetting everyday use and great games and applications on the market. If you go for it, you never will miss the dimensions of your old device as this has very tight measures and weighs only 133 grams with battery included.

Download Manual and User Guide of  LG L80

has come on the scene since the battery, we must emphasize that features a 2,540 mAh battery long lasting with a time of over 500 hours standby and 8 hours talk / entertainment. Energy consumption is well managed so we will forget chargers during the day.

The camera has a resolution enough to take into account, 8 MP, autofocus and LED flash. We ensure good catches of photos and videos but we have noticed that the camera application is a bit slow.

It is as if they think the take the picture when we decided to tap the screen. We get good results but it took on them more than necessary. Some users despaired with this paste.

Like the rest of modernso device LG L range, features the innovative KnokCode function is enhanced Knock On the mythical version. This allows us to turn on and unlock the screen with the same gesture. This allows us greater privacy and faster access to content on the smartphone. We just need to create a pattern with a minimum of 2 touch and a maximum of 8.

It also has a new screen capture feature, Capture Plus, which allows us to capture an image in the content of the activity but not see the screen. For example, if we are sailing on a website, Capture Plus, save an image the entire contents of the current URL. That is, we do not have a picture of the size of our screen, but an image that has the contents of the entire scroll. Quite useful to save articles and read later.

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