LG L65

LG L65 Manual And User Guide PDF
LG L65 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG L65. A model for the extensive collection of L. range Located in the middle range but with touches of quality that had made promotion a few years ago.

The size of this device is one of the most unusual aspects. While most manufacturers choose increasingly larger screen sizes, the L65 has an IPS display only 4.3 “.

Download the Manual and User Guide of  LG L65

I say only because it is little compared to the market average. Actually, it is a very comfortable and very comfortable to wear size. He’ll never be a nuisance in our pockets (in bags today nothing is a bother) and can enjoy HD quality pictures and videos.

The Android version installed in the 4.4 KitKat and will move with complete fluency with 1.2GHz processor dual core. RAM reaches the not inconsiderable amount of 1 GB.

While the ROM stays very few 4 GB. If we add several preinstalled applications and we can not eliminate … We are facing the worst aspect of this smartphone.

The design has been well maintained and achieves excellent appearance with metallic finish. LG has designed a smart cover that can optionally buy and give us pretty interesting features.

2100 mAh battery will we spend the day without worrying about the “life” that remains our mobile. It perfectly endure a hard day of work … or partying !.

I close with the camera and its 5 MP resolution. Autofocus, filters and a good camera application that I simply marred by a rather low resolution. Users who do not dream with photos of your life and do not need many apps in their daily lives, can find a great ally in the L65.

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