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LG L50. A robust and elegant for a smartphone designed for sports enthusiasts user design and do not want to suffer wondering if it will be the last day of his mobile poor.

Since you are thinking for sport and adventure not make much sense to make a mobile with the size of a cheese cutting board. That’s why the L50 incorporates a WVGA 4 “, average more than his predecessor L40.

This size allows you to save anywhere and makes it much less sensitive to shock and falls. It also has additional protection since the smartphone it is reinforced on the side thanks to the rear cover.

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It also features innovative functionality created by LG so you can protect your mobile phone from curious people and poor morale. After KnockON, LG developed the Knock Code that is safer and more practical than the previous one.

With one hand you can create a pattern to lock and unlock your smartphone. This is not very new but the great thing about this system is that it works without having to turn the screen previously.

The camera is the skinniest point since the device only has 3 MP. This forces us to take our own compact camera for quality photos of our experiences or rely on third-party technology. The only new highlight in the photographic subject is that the front camera has a flash generated virtual screen that illuminates our selfies naturally.

The operating system 4.4.2 KitKat run perfectly thanks to its dual-core 1.3 GHz. The memories remain at 512 MB and 4 GB RAM and ROM, respectively. And the battery of 1,900 mAh provides more than sufficient autonomy for a long time.

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