LG L40

LG L40 Manual And User Guide PDF
LG L40 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG L40. If you want a smartphone environment and with decent specifications … you are ahead of your “best friend”.Download Manual and User Guide of LG L40

And this L40 have a 3.5 inch screen and really most users do not need more but the market demand and if everyone has a screen that looks like a solar panel… for me too!

For those who do not jump through hoops and still think that an IPS screen this size is still useful and totally valid, Cast an eye to L40.

This turned out quite comfortable smartphones so compact it is, in addition to fit perfectly in your hand for its small size. It is clear that you are the ballast that keeps you moving from the middle range.

Since smaller dimensions means less space to include better features. The metal frame gives a higher level of protection and a more modern with the characteristic metal shine look.

For this minor inconvenience, the battery is 1,540 mAh which is not to be small, it will take us many hours, but with a 2,600 mAh almost reach eternal life.

The dual processor 1.2 GHz does not require too much energy so the cost is offset by the performance.

You can enjoy applications without problems, but the most powerful games will miss the odd nucleus.

The most interesting of L40 are the very features of LG as the guest mode with which we can lend our terminal without being able to access our personal information and data, and manage applications to have access and which are not.

Discover other native functions of LG in the official user manual.

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