LG K7 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG K7 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG K7 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG K7. La serie K de LG sigue creciendo y ya son casi una docena los dispositivos que la componen. La serie está enfocada en la gama media y según el texto que acompaña a la letra K, tendremos mejores o más humildes.

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The K7 is in the equator of the range. A screen of decent size (5 “) and an interior that defends fairly well before a moderate-high use.The style of the K7 is appreciated from the first glance and not only that, with you can master the selfies, the most addictive games and immortalize the best memories.

Among its most important specifications we find the curved design with 2.5D glass, which is not usually seen in the mid-range smartphone. This adds to the back designed in fabric to give us an elegant and almost unique look. Nothing to envy to the beautiful glass cases that last less than a good ham. Believe me

Although the resolution of the main camera has seemed somewhat low to include it in the strengths of the smartphone. Its application is worth mentioning. It has a timer option that is activated when you raise your hand and close your fist. Silly but only LG has it. The front camera is also 5 MP which for selfies is more than enough so I approve of it.

A quad-core 1.1 GHz processor is responsible for the performance, which allows us to check the mail and send messages by WhatsApp without any problem. The bad thing comes if we start opening applications as if we were possessed. It will collapse like a tronista in the Nobel Prize. Better not decide for him if we do not have patience.

And finally we talk about the battery. The screen, not being of high definition, causes consumption to be reduced in consideration. The performance works in the same way so the 2,125 mAh will give much more than it seems.

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