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LG K4. Thelast of the K is here.

Really it has been on the market longer than the other two but we have gone from high to low.

This is at the low end for those who do not want complicated

Download the Manual and User Guide of LG K4

If you are someone who does not want to complicate existence with their smartphone. Or you do not want to scratch your pocket to send four messages and view Facebook.

Or maybe two things … then maybe K4 is one of the most successful market options.

It is true that the K4 to K10 is not that there is an overwhelming difference in price, in fact does not become or twice. Of course not all are equal pocket so that difference can decide in favor of one device or another.

The K4 has a screen of 4.5 inches which has always been a good size but has been somewhat out of date. For social networks, calls and internet works like a charm. So the screen is no problem.

A quad-core processor is more than enough to move Android Lollipop and any application other than a very demanding game. Internal storage is 8GB which is minimal but sufficient. 1 GB of RAM will handle everything flow smoothly. Adequate performance for not “eat” the battery.

Autonomy more than enough with its 1,940 mAh and a camera that does not offer great catches but serves to HD video and pretty pictures.

In conclusion, a smartphone for those who make a restrained use and does not require a large investment to enjoy it. Download the User Manual to learn even the smallest detail.

Download “LG K4”

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