LG G7 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG G7 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG G7. The wonder of LG is a waste of cutting-edge technology and totally innovative functions that are enhanced with the AI developed by the brand. The question is: Are you willing to pay the price?.

Download Manual And User Guide Of LG G7

To begin with, the G7 delights our eyes with an infinity display with an IPS panel and QHD + resolution. All this means that we will enjoy the most defined and brightest images of the market and a very low battery consumption.

The compact body with rounded edges is designed in glass and metal so that we enjoy your 6.1 “as a child.

The double rear camera makes use of Artificial Intelligence so that you always get the perfect image. The software analyzes and recognizes the scene to adjust the 16 MP sensors and capture the best possible image.

The G7 will be the best ally in our parties as it behaves like a 3D speaker with surround sound and 32-bit quality. High-fidelity audio with noise reduction and 7.1 channel DTS-X sound will make bluetooth speakers shake

u 32-bit DAC Quad offers maximum sound quality to enjoy high-fidelity audio thanks to its 4 digital-analog 32-bit converters, which reduce noise by 50%. In addition, it is the only one with DTS-X sound that offers a 7.1 channel surround sound.

Like the LG V30, LG’s new smartphone has THINQ technology and Google’s assistant that not only allows us to control the device with voice commands and to learn from us, but also allows us to control appliances without being at home. Obviously, we refer to those that are compatible with said technology

Thousands more features and surprises that you can go desgranando with the official user manual.

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