Lenovo HW02 Manual And User Guide PDF

Lenovo HW02 Manual And User Guide PDF

Lenovo HW02 Manual And User Guide PDF

Lenovo HW02. The Chinese company is not only dedicated to the manufacture of computers, laptops, smartphones or televisions. It’s been a while since we went to the wearables fashion and today we have the next version of your activity wristband HW01.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Lenovo HW02

This version has an OLED touch screen somewhat smaller than the original version. In fact, it is less than half but more than enough for what we need. The brightness is correct and we can see the information perfectly in any brightness situation. Soon we will get used to its 0.42 “and its weight of only 26 grams, which is 4 grams more than the HW01.

The resolution is also smaller but the material of the strap is more resistant and of a material of better quality. It also gains in protection since the IP65 certificate becomes IP67. Therefore, we can swim or swim with her without any worries. The rule says that maximum one meter and half an hour but the Mi Band 2 has the same and I have had hours in the water without problem. This I have not tried yet.

Lenovo HW02 – A low-end sports bracelet to consider

We can choose between three colors: red, black and orange and offers us the typical options of a low-mid-range sports bracelet: dynamic heart rate monitor; sleep monitor; reminder of calls and messages on our smartphone; pedometer and other sports statistics; and a reminder of a sedentary lifestyle.

These are the most outstanding. Use Bluetooth to connect with our smartphone and it will remain active between 5 and 10 days. Depending on the use of each one. To charge it 100% we will have to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes and the charger is magnetic base.

The latter is something I miss in the My Band 2 and its orthopedic cable.

Download Manual And User Guide Of globHW02: (coming soon)
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