Kazam Tornado 348

Kazam Tornado 348 Manual And User Guide PDF
Kazam Tornado 348 Manual And User Guide PDF

Kazam Tornado 348. Although the brand does not take a long time to market, it offers terminals to be taken into account.

The first thing to note is that this smartphone was awarded in 2013 with the Guinness award for world’s thinnest phone.

Its minimum thickness of 5.15 mm placed him in the head and with much benefit from other competitors. A unique experience not to be missed.

And though it may give the impression that having created a thinner smartphone that vinegar may have fallen inside quality … nothing is further from reality.

Download Manual and User Guide of Kazam Tornado 348

For starters this is a device with Android 4.4 operating system and a 4.8 “display with Gorilla Glass 3 technology that not only gives you great protection but gives a very elegant touch.

The AMOLED screen offers an incredible visual experience while reducing consumption for increased battery life of 2050 mAh.

Tornado processor 348 is a MediaTeK 65492 eight-core 1.7 GHz based on ARM Cortex-A7 processor allowing the cores used at will. If we need maximum power, the eight cores will work hand in hand to get the best performance. If, however, we need less power, the processor can disable some core to save battery.

In the photographic and audiovisual section we have a primary camera of 8 MP with autofocus selective to choose to want to give priority in the image. We can control the balance of light with auto exposure for best results in all lighting conditions. Moreover, it will allow us

The 8 megapixel camera will allow you to save 348 Tornado many colorful photos in your gallery and collect “likes” on your social networks. This super-slim Android smartphone lets you realize even the most sophisticated ideas.

With selective autofocus (AF) you can choose the image area you want to focus. In addition to the auto exposure (AE) you can control the light balance of your photos regardless of the conditions under which you make.

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