Kazam Thunder 350L

Kazam Thunder 350L Manual And User Guide PDF
Kazam Thunder 350L Manual And User Guide PDF

Kazam Thunder 350L. Discover why European companies increasingly have more presence in the world of smartphones.

The company Kazam devices have specifications that could make occupy a fairly high position in the market but if it is true that most users are wary some companies that do not see in the media.

A big mistake that often leads us to spend more money on a smartphone we really needed.

In this case, the protagonist is the Thunder 350L, and if we can open our minds to other device manufacturers, will soon see that there is a hidden market after brands “lifetime” that oozes quality on all four sides at prices quite attractive.

Download Manual and User Guide of Kazam Thunder 350L

The device now occupied this little analysis has a magnificent IPS 5-inch screen and a resolution of 480 x 854 that allows us to enjoy our multimedia content with bright colors and crisp high end.

Surfing the web and play the best games in the Play Store will all experience.

The design is quite careful though it is closer to the standard than artistic. A thickness of 9.2 mm and attractive curves give us a very soft ergonomic grip for their use is a pleasure because it has a subtle and premium coating finish. It is available in white with silver and black satin touch.

The device features a quad-core processor at 1.3GHz and 4G total connection we fly to network with our data rate. We can enjoy second level applications without worrying about system slowdowns since its four cores working so that everything runs with consummate ease.

The main camera is 8 MP and has specific catches for effortlessly beautiful functions. The front camera selfie or camera is 2 MP, enough for portraits of fashion and video calls. It has microSD slot to increase storage.

And for any problems with the terminal, Kazam has a technical service that will help you fix your phone or replace it. You can also take advantage of a warranty up to 3 years with only install three applications of the brand itself.

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