Kazam Thunder 2 5.0

Kazam Thunder 2 5.0 Manual And User Guide PDF
Kazam Thunder 2 5.0 Manual And User Guide PDF

Kazam Thunder 2 5.0. Discover the beast hidden behind a 5-inch device.

Discover a window to the world of photography with Thunder 2 and its five-inch screen. Thanks to IPS technology and high resolution visual experience in this device achieves high-end fees.

Real colors make it the perfect place to enjoy all your multimedia content in the most convenient device.

The soft and protected by an aluminum frame design they offered us a very comfortable grip that will never want to let go. The device is available in white or black.

Its interior is no less spectacular than its exterior and that the Thunder 2 has a 1.3GHz processor Quadcore with an own incredible performance of MediaTek home.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Kazam Thunder 2 5.0

Enjoy applications and an operating system that runs without problems any application. It has 1 GB of RAM is sufficient for most applications we will give and with only 4 GB of storage memory. It is their worst score.

On the issue of connection, whatever with microSD card slot so we can expand the storage capacity, we will do quite lacking so little has factory installed. Another advantage is the capidad to use two cards of the same or different operator or SIM Dual.

We can bring both mobile and staff work in the same device and be able to use both simultaneously or choose which one we want to have active.

And now the strong point of this device: your camera. It has a camera that will delight lovers to video and photography. 13MP resolution does not offer high-definition capture detail.

It also includes useful features such as continuous shooting with which we can draw up to 99 images in a single burst. You’ll never miss the perfect moment.

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