Kazam Life R5

Kazam Life R5 Manual And User Guide PDF
Kazam Life R5 Manual And User Guide PDF

Kazam Life R5. A smartphone SUV that holds any adventure. From rafting to climbing the rocky mountains … your Life R5 never be damaged. Hard, simple and compact.

The Life company line Kazam offers practical and very resistant smartphone for our craziest adventures. Neither mountains, ravines or even the sea can amedrantar this device.

It is created to resist water and dust unceremoniously and able to function in any scenario. This robust smartphone is created with the sole mission of supporting any plan. Its compact design and small size make it ideal for transport in any gaps in our backpack.

Download the Manual and User Guide of  Kazam Life R5

The device is very easy to use and very intuitive. It has a 2 MP camera with flash to capture images in low resolution that will be enough to share with friends and family our new journey.

Clearly it is not a smartphone for day to day, surf the Internet and make the most of social networks. But if it is true that it has many features that we can be helpful. Along with the device a safety strap and a compass is included.

The operating system is proprietary brand and works without problem. Fast, simple and very intuitive. The TFT screen 2 “will be sufficient for calls, messages and any other function.

Its dimensions are quite small (125 x 57 x 21 mm.), Which was almost mandatory as it is thinking out of the way. And connectivity features 2G, Bluetooth and USB

The best asset of this device is its battery of 2,500 mAh removable which allows us to be connected for days and that energy consumption is minimal.

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