Kazam LIFE R2

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Kazam LIFE R2. The new smartphone company (well, new to some) also has low-end smartphones.

These are designed for those who do not want to complicate life and want to make calls, share photos and little else without headaches.

And the LIFE R2 gives us exactly that! In addition to its small size and screen make it very robust and durable.

In fact, it is designed to withstand any environment. It is also waterproof and dust.

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We can keep underwater at a depth of 1 meter to half an hour. Clearly that is not made for diving but … who needs a mobile underwater ?.

Speaking of technical specifications, the screen has a diagonal of 1.77 “enough for calls and messages.

The LIFE R2 is not designed for much more so if you’re looking for a smartphone to master social networks, it is better to use the search engine to find one more suitable.

The camera could not be anything special because it does not make much sense. So the R2 incorporates a camera with 2 MP resolution for photo sporadic and we can send via Bluetooth or your Internet connection, as it has 2G connectivity.

We can also connect to our computer via the USB port and its battery even if it is only 1,000 mAh of us last much longer than that of any latest mobile phone generation. This is because it does not need 8-core processor to go swimmingly.

The operating system is the same as the LIFE R5, entirely developed by Kazam and can not fault it. In such a basic smartphone everything usually it works great because “all” are very simple tasks.

Life R2 not a slim smartphone. Its dimensions are 114 x 50 x 15 mm. so this does not fall within the world slim phone.

ot like other models of the company as the Kazam Tornado 348 with 5,15 mm.

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