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iMac delivers performance and design on the edge of the impossible. The range of the company ” computer ” Apple is the dream of any computer .

The first iMac was a revolution : including display , processor, graphics , memory, storage and everything else in an elegant all-in- one. Since then, innovations have continued to succeed. Now, once again, we have raised the bar . Not only the most advanced and brightest ever seen on a computer screen, but that hides the latest high performance technologies. And most impressive , the razor sharpness which is about 5 mm, and reduced their volume up to 40 % compared to its predecessor. This can only be achieved with much more imagination and engineering . To invent new technologies and manufacturing techniques. To more in less space .

A huge screen. Intel third- generation quad-core and the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA. Avanzadísimas storage options. And many desktop, más.Ningún had put both on the table.

The iMac is very thin , very thin . And offers more performance with a quad- core processor, graphics up to 60 % faster and the new ultra -fast Thunderbolt option almacenamientoFusion Drive. It is perfect for your design studio , recording, or whatever you want. Be perfect and put it where you put it.

You sit in front of him and something amazing happens to you , the world around you seems to fade and you are within the vast and spectacular display . To create such an intense experience that we went further than ever before , we have improved the detail, we took a new dimension. One of the biggest challenges that engineers face the new design was to attach the front to the back . The case is so thin that the parties can not be welded by conventional methods

Do not wait and download user manual and user guide in PDF iMac and perfect Spanish as your version and year of purchase.

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