Huawei Y7 Manual And User Guide PDF for free

Huawei Y7 Manual And User Guide PDF

Huawei Y7 Manual And User Guide PDF

Huawei Y7. Its premium touch and a metallic design with an impeccable polish will make you think that it has an exorbitant price. You can not be more wrong because the Y7 is a quite affordable smartphone.

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The new Y7 tops the list of the series that already achieved good results with devices like the Huawei Y6 or the Y5. And there are not only three smartphones in the Y series but we have a wide variety according to the needs of the market and users.

The Y7 is the most advantaged smartphone in terms of technology. It has a larger screen than the rest of the device, better performance, a battery with greater capacity and runs under the brand-new Android Nougat 7.0.

Its 5.5 “screen is a double-edged sword as we will enjoy a great multimedia experience and better internet browsing but the dimensions to support are quite generous.Happily, Huawei has reduced the frame enough to get used to them in little time. Still, we prefer five inches.

The installed processor doubles the cores that the Y6 had. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 435, which we already saw in the Honor 6C with very good results, offers us speed and fluidity with perfect energy balance. This makes your 4000 mAh capacity battery even longer. We can enjoy up to two days of our smartphone with moderate use. And it also includes fast loading for unexpected situations.

Both the main and the front camera get a very high note. The first, with a resolution of 12 MP, has a pixel size of 1.25 μm, so the images will look spectacularly clear. The second, with 8 MP resolution, ensures high quality selfies to be the kings in social networks.

All this is maximized if we take into account that the Y series reaches the market as a low range. So do not get used to highlighting this range before taking a look at what it can offer.

Download Manual and User Guide of Y7: (coming soon)

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