Huawei Y6 II Compact

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Huawei Y6 II Compact. If you are looking for the best performance without having to leave your salary when buying a smartphone, with Huawei you can get it but … beware! It is very likely that you become an unconditional fan forever.

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A few months after reaching the market the original device, the Huawei Y6 II, the company decided that it should launch a reduced version (Compact in the case of Huawei or Sony) as its dimensions and its price could take away a good number of users . And that’s how the Y6 II Compact came into our hands.

The differences are important but not so much as to consider it a less valid smartphone. Simply, it is a version that loses in some points and wins in others. One is what we lose is the power.

The eight cores of the HiSilicon KIRIN 620 become the four of the MediaTeK MT6735 and keeps the RAM in 2 GB. The system will continue to run smoothly although the most demanding games will ask for more capacity. Of course, twice as many processors also demand more energy. Advantage or disadvantage?

Another one of the changes, that almost is not even that to mention since it is obvious, is the screen. Size does matter and many users see 5.5 “too large, so the Compact version reduces that size to 5” but without losing resolution and gaining pixel density.

The best news and that we value a lot in MAT is that the main camera does not change. Its 13 MP resolution offers quality images and videos in Full HD even if you lose the dual flash. In this section we find the difference in the front camera that happens to count 5 MP.

Both smartphones have 4G, microSD and Dual Micro Sim. The Compact adds the OTG functionality to the USB port, earning a few extra points.

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