Huawei Y5

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Huawei Y5. Mobile n designed for the busiest users. With features that save us time and streamline any operation. Whether it is capturing a photo as if sending an email.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Huawei Y5

There is no Huawei not suit a particular user. Well, there will be some that will not square but because it will be no iPhone. What is clear is that Chinese smartphone brand ranging from cheap to high-end smartphone that can be counted. Today we focus on the Y5 you not have much fame but is a mid-range with much to offer.

The first thing you see is a suitable FWVGA screen with a 4.5 “device dimensions. Nothing fancy but if you enjoy good videos and images with good quality. The web browsing does not become uncomfortable but if you’re used to… bigger screens will cost you used to. on the contrary, if you come from a smaller screen … all perfect!

We let the outside to move to the core process. In this case four cores to give optimum speed and efficiency and performance. Android 5.1 moves with fludez and background tasks will not slow down the system. Supported by 1 GB of RAM makes everything flow in harmony.

The cameras are rather short for our liking. Today with the size of our smart TV 5 MP sensor does not get the quality to enjoy our videos and capture last. This does not mean that we can make good pictures but never will catch our lives. The front 2MP allows us selfies and little more.

To earn points has very useful features like ultra fast capture. In just over one second we can move from lock screen to be recording a video. Or the panoramic capture classic for those beautiful sunsets.

And of course, it comes with Android in its version 3.1 EMUI lite. maximum efficiency for the user and a revamped interface do not waste time between options you’ll never use.

The device is available in black, blue, and pink.

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