Huawei Sonic Manual And User Guide PDF

Huawei Sonic | Manual and user guide PDFHuawei Sonic. This smartphone brings Huawei Hi Space, a customized application that allows the user to download and configure applications with a single password. It also includes “All back up”, another application that ensures you never lose your saved settings or personal information, you can retrieve when you need.

Detailed features of the camera Huawei Sonic.

Processor. The phone runs on a Qualcomm MSM7227 chip at 600mhz clock speed.

Memory. The Huawei Sonic has a 256MB of RAM and a 512MB ROM. It has a storage capacity of 160 MB. It also has a MicroSD card slot which can support up to 32 GB of storage. Huawei offers its cloud service online making this the first phone with its cloud service. With Huawei’s cloud service, the phone can support up to 16 GB of storage online.

Display. The Huawei Sonic has a 3.5 inch multi-touch TFT capacitive touchscreen.

Audio. The phone has a built-in speakerphone which allows for good quality listening to music.

Camera. On the back of the phone there is a 3.2mpx camera which can also record WVGA (800×480) video recording at 16-22FPS. The camera features geo-tagging but has no support for low-light pictures as it has no flash.

Connectivity. The Huawei Sonic is the first low-range smartphone of its kind to have an NFC (optional) chip in it in its U8650NFC-1 version. The micro-USB port enables USB Mass Storage mode, meaning pictures, videos and music can be transferred on to the phone from a computer. The phone also features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack which is located at the top of the phone.

This Huawei runs Android 2.3.3 but is able to be updated to Android 2.3.5 which improves the performance, battery life and many other issues that affected Android 2.3.3. Android version 4.0.4 is also available by recovery by the user (no root required).

Download USER GUIDE of Huawei Sonic

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