Huawei Ascend Y330 Manual and user guide PDF

Huawei Ascend Y330 | Manual and user guide in PDFHuawei Ascend Y330. With its colorful, compact design, high quality materials, texture and shape adapted to you? Huawei Ascend Y330 becomes the perfect companion. One who is always with you and never fails. Simple UI with our own interface, which makes this smartphone in intuitive, simple and easy to use for everyone.

Detailed features of the camera Huawei Ascend Y330.

The Ascend Y330 has a screen 4 ??, battery and rear camera 1.500mAh 3Mpx. Thus maintaining the great balance between quality and price.Color your life with Huawei!

DESIGN AND FIRST IMPRESSIONS. The Huawei Y330 is slightly smaller than its big brother, the Y300, and renounced the housing textured for a more sleek and shiny plastic use more widely used. This was a good move by Huawei and makes a phone that meets celebrate. The Y330 comes in a variety of colors, which is rare for phones from the cheapest range: blue, yellow, pink, white, and black (the latter if you have texture on the back). Given their larger size, the Y330 is also a bit heavier, possibly due to battery 1500MmAh, which actually makes it somewhat heavier to carry.

Processor and Memory. Although the Y330 is shown as being of little use a phone, do not think that does not have great power underhood. The 1.3 GHz processor is actually an improvement on the Y300 although more expensive, has an impressive price. While 512 MB ​​RAM that offers the Huawei Y300 might not seem like much to the destination market where the user does not fully exploit the devices, it is more than enough.

Cammera. As any current smartphone, even the most affordable mobile phones offer a decent camera and Y330 is no different, sporting a 3 megapixel camera on the back of the device. The flash has been removed so it does not work fantastically in low light, but considering the price it is a gift to also have a camera wherever you go for those moments of surprise you want to capture.

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