HTC UA Band Manual And User Guide PDF

HTC UA Band. With a spectacular design and the guarantee of two brands that are specialists in what they do.

HTC brings technology and Under Armor to professional sports experience.

If Under Armor does not sound like a sports brand, we recommend that you take a look at your clothes, sneakers and accessories.

They are of high quality and feel the sea of ​​good.

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One of those accessories is the UA Band Sports Bracelet. With a style that is more modern and considerably smaller than other bracelets, the UA Band has a multitude of functionalities to get in shape.

In its low-resolution screen and 1.3-inch PAMOLED technology, we can see information on various data. Low resolution is not a problem, since the time and all information looks perfectly. We last longer in the wrist.

The features offered by the UA Band are the standard for a device in this category.

We have a clock that we can configure alarms, a stopwatch, countdown and allows us to synchronize our calendar to warn us of future events.

As is normal, monitor our daily activity to know the steps we have taken during the day. In this option we can set ourselves an objective either in steps, calories consumed or kilometers traveled.

As a good night watchman he will tell us every morning how we have slept. The bracelet detects when we fall asleep and when we wake up.

The UA Band monitors our heart rate to have accurate data of our rest thanks to its integrated heart rate monitor.

And as it could not miss, it has a training function. We can mark a target and the bracelet tells us what percentage we have made of it, the total time, calories burned, etc. What it lacks is a GPS to be able to download our routes after each session.

The price of the bracelet is somewhat high compared to the market average but neither is it an outrage.

If you want to try an activity bracelet to see how the thing goes without leaving you much money, I advise you to try the Mi Band 2. Economic, quality and with much to offer.

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