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Honor 4X. The Honor guys can not make a smartphone that we do not like in one way or another. The Honor is located in its mid-range but with quality to belong to the mobile “high society”.

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And it’s not because it can be equated to a device like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S8 in specifications, but because we have let the brands impose the limits between low, medium, high or premium.

If we stop to analyze the useful functions that each device offers us, the ranges would stay in two: normal and advanced use. Do you really need a four-digit smartphone to use WhatsApp, Facebook, view mail or surf the Internet? Even if we do all four all day, 90% of the devices will run smoothly.

The 4X is a device with a screen HD 5.5 “and 16 million colors so you can enjoy real and very defined images, for us it is great for us, but for that we will have to get used to it because it is the trend. It is very careful and its thickness is 8.7 mm.

If you are looking for smoothness and fluidity both for navigating and running the coolest games, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz is more than enough.

Accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, as long as you do not try to play very heavy games you will not have problems. The internal memory is only 8 GB and this is a handicap. At least we have microSD expansion, which many premium range forget to include.

And the cameras have finished convincing us. Our experience with the Huawei cameras has been ten and the 4X has two cameras that do not envy any smartphone of its level.

In fact, the iPhone 6 itself, has an 8 MP rear camera while in the 4X the resolution is 13 MP. Capture images in Full HD and enjoy with its multitude of effects to make your unique images.

And if you still do not have enough, we add its autonomy of up to 72 hours (3,000 mAh) and double Sim to use two different numbers simultaneously. The absence of NFC connectivity and the KitKat version of Android subtract some note but are minor disadvantages.

That’s why this Honor 4X has an outstanding finish. Do not expect the capabilities of the “premium” ranges but if you analyze the relationship between price and functionality … exact!

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