Manual GoPro Hero 5 instructions (Black and Session)

GoPro HERO5 Manual And User Guide PDF

GoPro Hero5. With an amazing quality but without reaching the one that we can capture with the 6 one, this sports camera raises many points because with the publication of the latest model is at a price more than recommended.

Some time ago we were able to enjoy first hand a GoPro Hero 4 and we are really impressed.

Download GoPro Hero 5 instructions manual pdf

It was a loan to prove its quality and its characteristics and we were really convinced.

At that time, the camera cost even more than the 5 costs now. And we must bear in mind that we are in front of a much more advanced camera in both hardware and software.

Settings to full time lapse and video capturing mode in 4K quality

This product promises images of maximum definition thanks to the 4K quality at 30 fps that faithfully captures everything that dares to enter within its frame.

The 12 MP resolution sensor has an image stabilizer so that we have perfect videos no matter if we record from a stand or we are uploaded to our bike. Of course, photo capture is also high definition.

The camera has the same buttons as its predecessor: shutter button, mode button and button to release the lock

Capturing amazing photos and time lapse Video with the available modes

The touch screen of 2 “helps us to configure the multitude of options that it shows and we can use it even under water as it is submersible and water resistant.

When we have no hands or time to give it to record , is where the voice commands come into play so that we can focus on our adventure without losing detail.

Among its technical features are the micro HDMI connection, the GPS sensor, RAW image format and USB type C to transfer files much faster.

Two models to choose from: Black and Session

In case this summary is encouraging you to buy one, we leave you the official instruction manual of both the Black version and the Session. So you can take a deep look at what it offers you before buying.

With this document we can learn what configuration settings we must select to obtain the best photo.

Use a monopod to get the best photos even if you are alone in your adventure. A perfect support for capturing video and audio clean of noise

Capture advanced video under time lapse effect with just say the command voice.

The official guide shows you every secret and configuration necessary to get the most out of the camera. From the first to the last page, this

The action cameras of this level have better battery capacity and, due to their complexity, demand specialized support from both the company and the owner.

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