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Gopro Hero 2 Manual user guide

GoPro Hero 2. The current leader of the sports or action cameras was not always on the crest of the wave alone. A few years ago, other brands tried to snatch the position and unseat the Hero 2. It was difficult, but still maintained its privileged position.

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It reached the market in 2012 and its groundbreaking slogan “You in HD” made it win followers everywhere.

It offered an enviable image quality, a simple but very powerful software and a perfect size to accompany you in any adventure.

You may wonder why upload this user manual at this point and with models like the HERO6 in the market.

The reason is very simple: not all users have the same budget and in the second-hand market you can find real bargains.

If you do not have much to invest, there are thousands of Hero 2 second hand that can be perfect for you to start with a ridiculous budget. You can also invest in buying several to create spectacular montages from different perspectives.

This fusion of key features made her grow in popularity

Whatever your reason, you should know that hero 2 gopro  manual explan how CMOS sensor of 11 MP and a viewing angle of 170 degrees works.

The results are spectacular considering their “age”. The maximum video quality is 1080p at 25 fps and can record slow motion at 100 fps but without HD quality.

It does not have an image stabilizer but if you want it for recordings with little movement, you will not notice it.

Here you have the official user manual in case you dare to get one or you have inherited from that friend to enjoy his new Hero.

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