Google Analytics Manual And User Guide PDF

Google Analytics Manual And User Guide PDFGoogle Analytics Is a tool that will allow us to know what audience has our website. A very complete tool that will allow us to analyze it thoroughly.

Google Analytics Manual And User Guide PDF

That’s why this handbook is so important. Because the functionalities of this tool are almost infinite. We will be able to know where the visits come from, what time they have been produced, we can have data in real time and we can even know what search engines come from.

Analytics is a free website statistics service. It offers information grouped according to the interests of three different types of people involved in the operation of a page: executives, marketing technicians and webmasters.

You can get reports like exclusive user tracking, user segment performance, marketing campaign results, search engine marketing, ad version testing, content performance, navigation analysis, The objectives and redirection process or the web design parameters. This product was developed based on the purchase of Urchin (until then the largest company of statistical analysis of web pages) by Google.

Download Manual and User Guide of Analytics:

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