Google Adwords Manual And User Guide PDF

Google AdWords. Is the program Google uses to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers.

Google Adwords Manual And User Guide PDF
Google Adwords Manual And User Guide PDF

For this reason, owning a Google Adwords manual becomes crucial. Its multiple functionalities as well as its almost infinite possibility makes that we must know all the details of this practical tool.

Download Manual and User Guide of Google Adwords

AdWords is Google’s primary source of revenue and is a dynamic advertising payment method for the customer. This means that the user will pay or charge for traffic generated in one way or another.

Advertisers, with the concept of pay-per-click, will only pay for those ads that have been clicked. In the part of the owners of web pages, they will charge based on the number of clicks that the ads on your website have generated.

With the introduction of AdWords in 2000, Google gave up its initial policy of staying as a search engine completely free of publicity.

Until then, the absence of advertising wanted to be a sign of the independence of the results of a search, as well as a guarantee for the speed of loading of Google pages.

Google AdWords can be activated on Google search pages, as well as on the numerous websites belonging to the Google advertising network.

There are similar advertising programs operated by other search engines (such as Yahoo! Search Marketing).

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