Elephone C1 Max Manual And User Guide PDF

Elephone C1 Max Manual And User Guide PDF

Elephone C1 Max Manual And User Guide PDF

Elephone C1 Max. One of the high-end smartphones of Elephone has an improved version. For those users who do not settle for anything.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Elephone C1 Max

If the C1 already had a rather generous display, the C1 Max increases it up to 6. “This feature can be seen as an improvement or as the opposite, since a smartphone of that size is somewhat inconvenient to carry and handle. Watching movies and series is a real wonder, there is no such thing, but that size with HD resolution will seriously trouble the 2850 mAh battery. If you do with it, do not forget to buy an external battery.

Leaving this issue aside, the interior is quite powerful: MediaTeK M6737 quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM. Enough power to give Android Nougat the fluency it deserves. We also have 32 GB of internal storage and microSD expansion to add another 64 GB.

The cameras do not change with respect to the C1 and we have a main with sensor of 13 MP and a frontal with 5 MP. Capture video in Full HD 1080p and decent selfies to flood social networks.

The design is almost identical to the original device but varies in thickness. While the C1 was 8.5 millimeters, in this it reduces to 7.5 millimeters that make it much more comfortable to the touch.

So you do not miss anything, it has 4G connection, Dual Sim and USB OTG port to use peripherals such as USB or keyboards.

In short, a smartphone with very good numbers that with the price you have only need a user manual in PDF to finish convincing many users undecided. Let’s hope it does not take long to publish it.

Download Manual and User Guide of C1 Max: (Coming soon)

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