Elephone A4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Elephone A4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Elephone A4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Elephone A4. The A4 arrives at the market offering a design and an experience of the future with a frontal part that floods the screen and eats the typical buttons of the lower part.

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The advanced design makes it easy to enjoy a quite remarkable multimedia experience and adds a rather striking innovation: the fingerprint sensor located on the side. Normally we find it in the back part and in some like the Xiaomi Mi 6 or the Huawei Mate 10, it is located in the front adding extra functionality to the typical Start button.

The 5.85 “screen has a resolution of HD + (for those who do not control the figure is 1512 x 720 pixels) and occupies the entire front except the” notch “top where the front camera and sensors are located. black is dragged by all the devices that have this singularity because today manufacturers still do not know how to solve it, but it is still a smartphone of exquisite design and that we do not find any fault in the outside.

The interior touches the following range although it does not end up being a medium-high range. This classification is given mainly by its rear camera of 8 MP and the front of 5 MP. It allows us to record videos in 1080p which is more than enough. The A4 is controlled by a MediaTek MT6739 quadcore with 3 GB of RAM. As you can read, they are still good figures but not of a superior range.

As incentives that encourage you to buy the devices we find a 3,000 mAh battery, microSD expansion up to 128 GB and is available in four beautiful colors: red, black, gray and yellow. It runs under Android 8.1 Oreo so we can enjoy the latest and innovative features.

A pity that from Elephone do not invest a little time in publishing the user manuals of their devices.

Download Manual And User Guide Of A4:
Elephone Official Channel on YouTube

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