Crosscall TREKKER X2

Crosscall TREKKER-X2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall TREKKER X2. Another half range more to enjoy in the most distant places. In this case, the device has a large screen and a larger capacity battery.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Crosscall TREKKER X2

We saw the TREKKER M1 and we thought it was a very well equipped smartphone for adventure. For everyday life there are better options but Crosscall’s TREKKER range makes them a much better option than devices of other brands. Even if we think of the known resistant cases that we find in the market.

The TREKKER X2 is not the best award-winning device in the series but it has some better ones to consider.

For example, the DragonTrail screen size is 5 “and of course, it includes Wet Touch technology, which allows us a more comfortable visualization and to enjoy more of the captures we make in full route.

The capacity of the battery is also to take it into account. Its 4,050 mAh allow us to climb to the highest mountain with our fully operational device. At rest it lasts up to 25 days and using GPS, something vital if we are to get lost in nature, up to 17 hours.

These are the most important points of the TREKKER X2 but it is also important to highlight its main 13 MP camera with full HD video capture. Or the USB OTG port to be able to use peripherals when the 8 GB of internal memory is short.

NFC connectivity makes you score points just like your micro USB port compatible with OTG peripherals. Loses points by not having a double slot for SIM cards or the absence of an update of the Android Operating System.

It has been on the market for some time now and the KitKat version has earned a well-deserved retirement.

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