Crosscall TREKKER S1

Crosscall TREKKER-S1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall TREKKER S1. Today we have to upload the instruction guide of the smallest smartphone of the Crosscalls, without forgetting other series like the SHARK or the SPIDER that have much smaller dimensions.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Crosscall TREKKER-S1

We must clarify that the S1 if it is the Crosscall smartphone with the smallest screen tying with the ODYSSEY+ and the ODYSSEY S1 since the SHARK series and the SPIDER are not really smartphones.

They are located in the mobile category since to be a smartphone it must have cutting-edge technology, an advanced operating system and offer multiple functions to the user. Basically, like a personal computer but it fits in the palm of your hand.

What does this TREKKER offer that the other devices in the range do not offer?

The TREKKER S1 is very similar to the M1 but with some subtle cuts that cheapen it a bit. We have already seen that the screen is smaller, 4 “, and the resolution is reduced to 800 x 480 pixels and the density to 233 ppp.

It is not a very wide difference so we should not be afraid of pixelated and ill-defined graphics. Do not expect to enjoy the best definition in the middle of nowhere.

It also loses performance with a slightly more humble processor, the Qualcom 8909 quad-core at 1.1 GHz, but keeps the figures in both RAM and storage. The first one is still 1 GB and the second 8 GB. We can use a microSD up to 32 GB.

The cameras take the worst part but still we have a main camera of 8 MP with HD video capture and the front with its 2 MP will not faithfully reflect our adventures. Of course, this is not a team to focus on photography but to complement our craziest adventures and be calm in any emergency situation.

The device has USB OTG, NFC connectivity, Dual Sim compatible with 4G and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. A round offer if we want to release in a smartphone that can withstand everything without spending a lot of money.

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