Crosscall SPIDER-X4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall SPIDER-X4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall SPIDER-X4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall SPIDER-X4. If you do not know Crosscall smartphones, you should know that these are the hardest you can find in the market. And it is not an exaggeration, they put them to the test in any situation and they will be victorious.

Download Manual And User Guide Of Crosscall SPIDER-X4

As you already know, the French brand is famous for its high resistance mobile and smartphone.

This device does not seek the best multimedia experience or browse the internet as in a tablet, for that it has other models such as the Crosscall TREKKER-M1 CORE or, with a larger screen, the Crosscall ACTION-X3.

These devices also have a high resistance but due to their physical characteristics they are more exposed than the SPIDER-X4.

Among the virtues we can highlight the protagonist of this small analysis is that it has 3G + coverage to enjoy quality communication anywhere.

It is true that we will not reach the high speed of 4G networks but it really is not what we are looking for if we opt for it.

The resistance of the smartphone lies in its IP68 waterproofing which makes it perfect for dives or climates with excess humidity or dust.

The design is refurbished and being so compact will have no problem falling into the abyss. It will survive like a champion. Its watertightness surpasses iphone 7 water resistant.

The smartphone allows us to surf or chat but with its double slot Sim we can handle two different numbers at the same time to be able to attend to the work in the middle of Amazonas.

The autonomy of two weeks is a real joy and although it is not one of its strengths, we do not forget the 2 MP camera that it incorporates in the back.

In short, another smartphone “indestructible” more for the brand that dominates the adventurous sector far above any competitor.

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