Crosscall SPIDER-X1 Manual

Crosscall SPIDER-X1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall SPIDER-X1. The first Spider that comes to our website but not the first Crosscall smartphone. We already know that they are hard, beautiful and that inside you expect more than one surprise.

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If you look at the photo of the article you can deduce at first glance that the SPIDER-X1 is made to withstand the most dangerous of adventures.

It has no fear of dust, or mud, or temperatures, or falls … no matter how tall they are. This new Crosscall smartphone offers the following uncomplicated services:

The double slot Sim allows us to have two phone lines so you do not have to carry a second device. You can manage work and personal tasks using the numbers simultaneously and completely independently without any problem.

It is totally waterproof so you can immerse it without problems because it will not be an effort for it. Its IP67 certification keeps it up to 30 minutes at one meter depth without it being fatal for him.

Its solid and modern design is also prepared to withstand temperatures and strong blows without fear of your screen breaking. It is also light as a feather with only 90 grams of weight.

Its battery can be deceived to see that it only has 1,000 mAh capacity. But we do not really have a smartphone with a large screen (1.77 “) and a desktop computer performance.

The SPIDER-X1 can hold up to 1o days in standby and calls of six hours duration.In this case it will turn off before your ear that the device.

As an incentive and quite useful in your adventure, the device has a specific button to turn on the flashlight without having to unlock the device.

To see other devices of the brand consult the Crosscall TREKKER-X3 also with IP67 certification, or the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 that offers protection and a more advanced range.

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