Crosscall SHARK X3 manual

Crosscall SHARK X3 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall SHARK X3. The evolution of the first floating Shark brings many surprises and will surely win more hearts than its humble predecessor.

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We have seen that the first devices of the Shark series had absolute protection, worthy of any Crosscall, and also included a feature that was not found in any other smartphone: buoyancy.

Well, the Shark X3 takes the best of the aforementioned device and adds specifications that make it jump range and attract many more looks.

For those who do not know, what makes it possible for the Shark series to be able to float on water, is a waterproof camera, located behind the screen that Crosscall calls Air Capsule. This prevents that in case of accident the smartphone ends its days in the background. Obviously, this feature is still maintained but the X3 also offers many improvements.

The highlight of the V2 is that it has a 5 MP resolution camera and LED flash to immortalize memories on our trips. It is true that I do not overcome the competition but remember the main function of these smartphones: resist everything.

The IP68 is maintained and includes two more options that will help us save the skin in times of need. The first is a whistle carved in the same housing with which we can emit an acoustic signal of up to 100 dB.

The second is the Keep Alive system that, in the event of an accident, sends an emergency SMS and activates a very powerful light signal.

The connection to 3G networks also makes it much more useful when communicating or asking for help.

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